About DeAngelo’s Italian Grill Pizza And Fine Wine

Located in beautiful Melbourne Beach Florida is our restaurant, DeAngelo’s By The Sea.  We offer Italian cuisine with fine wines for for dinner or catering.  Whether you are looking for dine-in, take-out or delivery, we are able to accommodate your requests.   Take a tour of our dining room seating or if you like having the ocean breeze upon you while enjoying your Italian dining?  We have the perfect patio to accommodate the beauty of being outside while enjoying your Italian cuisine and fine wine.

Authentically Made Pizze And Pasta:

We use only the best ingredients from Italy and America to make our authentic pizze.  All of the pastas in our restaurant are homemade, using old family traditions, producing all natural pasta with superior flavor, texture, and yield.  Most of the pasta is made with two natural ingredients: stone ground flour from durum wheat, pure spring water, and eggs.  The process of extruding the pasta through hand carved bronze dies, and air drying, results in a dense, flavorful pasta that cooks perfectly al dante’, and a texture that holds the sauces beautifully.

Come down and see us at DeAngelo’s By The Sea in Melbourne Beach Florida for a taste of Italy!

History of Pizze:

There are very many different versions of the evolution of the Pizze.  We believe the first “True Pizze” was first made after the discovery of America in 1492 by Cristoforo Colombo.  It was this Genoan who carried the tomato plant back to Europe.  In 1596, It was exported from Spain to Naples where it was first used on top of a disc of dough.  This was the birth of the Pizze.

In 1889, Chef Raphael Esposito used red tomato sauce, white mozzarella cheese and green basil on pizze dough to represent the Italian flag for King Umberto I. Queen Margherita loved this pizza so much, it became the “Pizze Margherita” in her honor.